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Interim report on paper recycling

Industry Commission inquiry report

Signed 15 / 05 / 1990

The report formed part of a broader inquiry into recycling of all kinds.

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  • Contents

Cover, Copyright, Signing Page, Contents, Overview, Recommendations, Findings

1 Paper recycling in Australia
1.1 What is Australia's paper recycling performance?
1.2 Which industries use wastepaper?
1.3 Paper production and consumption
1.4 Technical possibilities in paper recycling
1.5 Incentives to substitute recycled fibre for virgin pulp
1.6 Consumer preferences and the use of recycled paper
1.7 Uses of wastepaper

2 Sourcing Wastepaper
2.1 Types of wastepaper
2.2 The availability of wastepaper
2.3 The relevance of collection and disposal costs

3 Newsprint
3.1 Australia's 'newspaper mountain'
3.2 Recycling newsprint in Australia
3.3 Recycling proposals

4 Paper Recycling and the Environment
4.1 Paper recycling and resource policies
4.2 Pollution

5 Paper Recycling Policies
5.1 Costs and benefits of more paper recycling
5.2 Price distortions impede recycling
5.3 Commonwealth Government initiatives
5.4 State Government initiatives
5.5 Recycling targets
5.6 Interim assistance


A Terms of reference of related inquiries

B The inquiry process

C Organisations, companies and individuals consulted

D List of participants and submissions

E Wood pulping and paper making processes

F Some paper recycling initiatives overseas

G Use of forests for pulp and paper production




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