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Performance benchmarking of Australian business regulation: Planning, zoning and development assessments

Commissioned study

This study has now concluded. A research report was released on 16 May 2011.

The Australian Government requested that the Productivity Commission undertake a benchmarking study into Planning, Zoning and Development Assessments. This study was the third year in a series of reviews benchmarking Australian business regulatory burdens.

The Productivity Commission was requested to examine and report on the operations of the states and territories' planning and zoning systems, particularly as they impact on:

  • business compliance costs
  • competition
  • the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the functioning of cities.

In doing so, the Commission reported on best practice approaches that support competition, including:

  • measures to prevent 'gaming' of appeals processes
  • processes in place to maintain adequate supplies of land suitable for a range of activities
  • ways to eliminate any unnecessary or unjustifiable protections for existing businesses from new and innovative competitors.

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Please note: The draft report and issues paper are for research purposes only. For final outcomes of this study refer to the research report.

Issues paper Draft report