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Machine tool and robotics

Public inquiry

This report was signed on 3 April 1996 and released by the Commonwealth Government on 6 August 1997. The report contains the findings of the Industry Commission public inquiry on the appropriateness of the current definitions of eligible equipment and eligible recipients in the Bounty (Machine Tools and Robots) Act 1985 and on any possible anomalies in the treatment of different goods.

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  • Contents

Cover, Copyright, Signing Page, Contents, Terms of Reference, Summary

1   The inquiry
1.1   Scope of the inquiry
1.2   Background
1.3   Inquiry issues
1.4   The inquiry process
1.5   Industry survey
1.6   Structure of the report

2   The machine tools and robotics industries
2.1   The world market
2.2   The Australian market
2.3   Factors affecting the industries’ development

3   The Machine Tools and Robots Bounty Act
3.1   Trends in the bounty
3.2   The Act
3.3   Bounty administration and compliance costs
3.4   Conclusion

4   Tariffs and concessional arrangements
4.1   Tariffs
4.2   Concessional arrangements
4.3   Implications of policy change on concessional entry
4.4   Duty drawback and TEXCO
4.5   Effectiveness of the tariff treatment of bountiable goods

5   Overlap between the bounty and other assistance measures
5.1   Assistance arrangements for R&D
5.2   Automotive Industry Export Facilitation Scheme
5.3   Export Market Development Grants (EMDG)
5.4   Other assistance measures

6   Future arrangements
6.1   Economic effects
6.2   Effectiveness of the bounty scheme
6.3   Administration and compliance costs
6.4   Tariffs and by-laws
6.5   Overlapping assistance
6.6 Future policy

A   Industry visits and submissions received

B   Statistics

C   Survey questionnaire and respondents

D   Development of the bounty scheme

E   Bounty recipients

F   Customs Tariff Schedule


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