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Australian sugar industry

Industry Commission Inquiry report

This report was signed on 6 March 1992 and subsequently released by the Commonwealth Government. The report contains the findings of the Industry Commission's public inquiry.

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  • Contents

Cover, Copyright, Signing Page, Acknowledgement, Contents, Glossary, Terms of Reference

1 Overview and Recomendations

2 Introduction
2.1 Origins of the inquiry
2.2 Scope of the inquiry
2.3 Inquiry procedures
2.4 Structure of the report

3 Industry Structure
3.1 Cane growing
3.2 Sugar milling
3.3 Sugar refining
3.4 Employment
3.5 The domestic market
3.6 Export markets

4 Background to the present institutional and regulatory framework
4.1 The Queensland industry
4.2 The New South Wales industry

5 Productions Controls in Queensland
5.1 Land assignment
5.2 Farm peaks
5.3 Regulation of the grower/mill relationship
5.4 Reasons for regulation
5.5 Costs of production controls
5.6 Proposals for change

6 Statutory Marketing of Queensland Sugar
6.1 Introduction
6.2 Domestic marketing
6.3 Export marketing
6.4 Payments to mills
6.5 Bulk sugar terminals
6.6 The Commission's assessment
6.7 Proposals for change

7 Commonwealth Government Assistance
7.1 Tariffs
7.2 Participants' views
7.3 The Commission's assessment

8 The New South Wales Industry
8.1 Production
8.2 Harvesting
8.3 Grower payments and raw sugar returns
8.4 Refining
8.5 Adjustment

9 Income and Price Instability and risk management
9.1 Introduction
9.2 Price variations
9.3 Production variations
9.4 Variations in gross returns
9.5 Mechanisms for achieving stability
9.6 The Commission's assessment

10 Value-Adding
10.1 Refining

11 Effects of Policy Changes
11.1 Domestic reforms
11.2 International reforms
11.3 Domestic versus international comparisons

A Participants who made written submissions to the inquiry

B Sugar policies in major sugar producing nations

C Key feature of the Queensland Sugar Industry Act

D Payment arrangements for sugar

E Sugar industry research

F The environment

G Modelling the effects of domestic reforms

H Modelling the effects of international reform

I the grower/mill relationship


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