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Tasmanian freight subsidy arrangements (2007)

Public inquiry

This inquiry has concluded. The final inquiry report was released by the Australian Government on 24 May 2007.

The Australian Government asked the Productivity Commission to undertake a public inquiry into current arrangements for subsidising containerised and bulk shipping between the mainland and Tasmania, and to provide recommendations on appropriate future approach and/or arrangements. The inquiry encompassed the Tasmanian Freight Equalisation Scheme and the Tasmanian Wheat Freight Scheme, and will cover:

  • the freight task between Tasmania and the mainland, including a comparison with that between regional and metropolitan mainland centres
  • the size and causes of any freight cost disadvantage for eligible goods under these schemes, and the impacts on Tasmanian businesses
  • the effectiveness of current arrangements in addressing any freight cost disadvantages
  • any alternative mechanisms that would better meet the objectives of current arrangements.

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Please note: The draft report and issues paper are for research purposes only. For final outcomes of this inquiry refer to the inquiry report.

Draft report

Issues paper

Key documents