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Telecommunications equipment, systems and services

Industry Commission inquiry report

This report was released by the Commonwealth Government on 12 May 1999. The report contains the findings of the Industry Commission's public inquiry into Australia's telecommunications equipment, systems and services industries, which commenced on 3 July 1997.

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  • Contents

Cover, Copyright, Letter to Treasurer, Contents, Abbreviations and Glossary, Overview, Recommendations

1   Introduction
1.1   Scope of the inquiry
1.2   Other reports and inquiries
1.3   Inquiry issues and report structure
1.4   The inquiry process

2   Structure, Performance and Competitiveness
2.1   The industries in perspective
2.2   Structural features
2.3   Performance and competitiveness
2.4   Outlook

3   Technological Change and Convergence
3.1   Some important trends
3.2   Implications for users of telecommunications services
3.3   Implications for telecommunications equipment firms
3.4   Implications for government policy

4   The Framework for Policy
4.1   Introduction
4.2   The current policy environment for the telecommunications equipment industries
4.3   Recent reports and proposals
4.4   Framework for industry policy
4.5 Summing up

5   Rationales for Intervention in the Telecommunications Equipment Industries
5.1   Introduction
5.2   A sectoral focus?
5.3   Possible economic rationales for telecommunications equipment policies
5.4   Market failures
5.5   Imperfections in firms
5.6   Deficiencies in government arrangements
5.7   Some popular misconceptions
5.8   Implications for telecommunications equipment policies

6   Carriers and Industry Development
6.1   Introduction
6.2   Background to the new regulatory environment
6.3   The post-July 1997 regulatory regime
6.4   Likely industry development under the new regulatory regime
6.5   Assessment of IDPs
6.6   Conclusions

7   Government Purchasing Programs
7.1   Introduction
7.2   Common use and endorsed supplier arrangements
7.3   The PfD/FTA programs
7.4   Recently announced changes
7.5   Economic issues
7.6 Summing up

8   International Agreements
8.1   Introduction
8.2   The WTO and telecommunications
8.3   Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)
8.4   OECD Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI)
8.5   National implications of some international agreements
8.6   International standards agreements
8.7   Conclusions

9   Research and Development Policies
9.1   The R&D tax concession
9.2   Cooperative Research Centres

10   Other Investment Issues
10.1   Introduction
10.2   Investment attraction
10.3   Availability of venture capital


A   Terms of reference

B   Participation in the inquiry

C   Trade data

D   Purchasing policies and R&D

E   Coordination failures

F   Government negotiating power: some issues

G   Carriers’ industry development plans

H   Views of carriers on industry development plans

I   Illustrating the economic impact of industry development plans

J   Summary results of the BIE survey on PfD/FTA programs

K   International agreements

L   Cooperative research centres


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