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Australian and New Zealand Competition and Consumer Protection Regimes

Commissioned study

This study has concluded. The final research report was released on 13 January 2005.

The Productivity Commission was asked to undertake a study and report within six months on Australian and New Zealand competition and consumer protection regimes. The business environments in Australia and New Zealand are increasingly integrated, arising in part from the Australian New Zealand Closer Economic Relations Trade Agreement and associated agreements.

These changes are setting the scene for a single economic market. Greater harmonisation of the regulatory environments for business is regarded, by the two governments, as an essential element in developing a single market.

Principally, the Commission has asked to do the following:

  • Assess how competition and consumer protection laws and their administration affect trans-Tasman business
  • Identify and evaluate options to harmonise further the operation, administration and enforcement of Australian and New Zealand competition and consumer protection policy and law for the purpose of facilitating an integrated economic market.

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Draft report

The draft report for this project is not available online.

Please note: The draft report is for research purposes only. For final outcomes of this study refer to the research report.

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