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Public inquiries give the opportunity for all points of view in the community to be heard and considered. All individuals, firms, groups and organisations with an interest in an inquiry can participate in the inquiry.

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Vulnerable Supply Chains

22 Jul 2021

The Australian Government has asked the Productivity Commission to examine the nature and source of risks to global supply chains. The Commission will develop a framework for identifying supply chains that are vulnerable to disruption, identify

National Water Reform

28 May 2021

Under the Water Act 2007 (Cth), the Commission is required to undertake three-yearly inquiries into the progress of reform in Australia's water resources sector. This is the second such inquiry, looking at Australian government's progress in

National Transport Regulatory Reform

1 Oct 2020

The Australian Government has asked the Productivity Commission to assess the economic impact of reforms to transport regulation agreed to by COAG in 2008-09.

Murray-Darling Basin Plan: Five-year assessment

25 Jan 2019

Under the Water Act 2007 (Cth), the Commission is required to undertake five-yearly assessments of the effectiveness of the implementation of the Basin Plan and water resource plans. This inquiry was the first such assessment.

National Water Reform (2018)

31 May 2018

The Commission was asked to undertake an inquiry into the reform of Australia's water resources sector.

Marine Fisheries and Aquaculture

24 May 2017

This inquiry was asked to consider whether there are opportunities to improve fisheries regulations without compromising fishery policy and environmental objectives.

Regulation of Agriculture

28 Mar 2017

The Australian Government asked the Productivity Commission to undertake a 9-month public inquiry into the regulatory burden on farm businesses.

Natural Disaster Funding

1 May 2015

The Australian Government has asked the Commission to undertake a public inquiry into the efficacy of current national natural disaster funding arrangements, taking into account the priority of effective natural disaster mitigation and the reduction

Costs of Doing Business in Australia: Dairy Product Manufacturing

10 Oct 2014

The Australian Government has requested that the Productivity Commission undertake a six month study into the cost structures of businesses operating in the Australian dairy product manufacturing industry, including costs relative to international

Safeguards Inquiry into the Import of Processed Fruit Products

20 Dec 2013

Inquiry into whether safeguard action is warranted against imports of processed fruit products of the Australian Customs Tariff.

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