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Public inquiries and commissioned studies give the opportunity for all points of view in the community to be heard and considered. All individuals, firms, groups and organisations with an interest in an inquiry can participate in the inquiry.

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Economic Regulation of Airports (2019) - Public inquiry

22 Oct 2019

The Commission was asked to report on the economic regulation of services provided at airports in Australia's major cities. The inquiry focussed on passenger and freight services.

State, Territory and Local Government Assistance to Industry - Industry Commission inquiry report

23 Feb 1998

This report examines assistance to Australian industry from State, Territory and Local Governments and their instrumentalities.

The Automotive Industry - Industry Commission inquiry report

26 May 1997

This report examines assistance arrangements for the automotive industry (passenger and light commercial vehicle sectors) from January 2000.

Packaging and Labelling - Industry Commission inquiry report

14 Feb 1996

This report examines Australian industries supplying packaging and labelling, including the efficiency of downstream industries such as food processing.

Water Resources and Waste Water Disposal - Industry Commission inquiry report

17 Jul 1992

The report of the Industry Commission public inquiry that examined institutional, regulatory or other arrangement subject to influence by governments in Australia which lead to unsustainable and inefficient resource use and advise on how these

The Australian Horticultural Corporation: Effectiveness in increasing international competitiveness - Industry Commission inquiry report

30 Jun 1992

This report examines the production and cost structure of the Australian horticultural industry, and assess the methods used by selected other countries to support horticultural exports.

National Procurement Development Program - Industry Commission inquiry report

31 Mar 1992

This report examines the effectiveness and efficiency of the National Procurement Development Program.

The Australian Sugar Industry - Industry Commission inquiry report

6 Mar 1992

This report focuses on the reform of regulatory controls in the Australian sugar industry.

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