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Public inquiries give the opportunity for all points of view in the community to be heard and considered. All individuals, firms, groups and organisations with an interest in an inquiry can participate in the inquiry.

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Economic Regulation of Airports (2019) - Public inquiry

22 Oct 2019

The Commission was asked to report on the economic regulation of services provided at airports in Australia's major cities. The inquiry focussed on passenger and freight services.

Review of the National Disability Agreement - Commissioned study

1 Feb 2019

The focus of this review was the National Disability Agreement, which relates to the provision of disability services for people with disability.

Human Services - Public inquiry

26 Mar 2018

This inquiry is now completed. A public inquiry into the increased application of competition, contestability and informed user choice to human services.

Telecommunications Universal Service Obligation - Public inquiry

19 Jun 2017

The Australian Government asked the Productivity Commission to undertake a 12-month inquiry into the future direction of a universal service obligation (USO) in the telecommunications market.

Service Exports - Commissioned study

7 Dec 2015

This study has concluded. Commissioned study into barriers to growth in Australian services exports, focusing on the education, financial services, health services, information technology, professional services and tourism sectors.

Access to Justice Arrangements - Public inquiry

3 Dec 2014

Inquiry into Australia's system of civil dispute resolution, with a focus on constraining costs and promoting access to justice and equality before the law.

Public Infrastructure - Public inquiry

14 Jul 2014

The Australian Government has asked the Commission to undertake a 6-month public inquiry into ways to encourage private financing and funding for major infrastructure projects, including issues relating to the high cost and the long lead times

Tasmanian Shipping and Freight - Public inquiry

24 Jun 2014

The Australian Government has asked the Commission to undertake an inquiry into current arrangements for subsidising shipping freight and passenger services between the mainland and Tasmania.

Mineral and Energy Resource Exploration - Public inquiry

5 Mar 2014

The Australian Government asked the Commission to undertake a 12-month inquiry into the non-financial barriers to mineral and energy resource exploration.

Strengthening Economic Relations between Australia and New Zealand - Joint Australia / New Zealand Commissioned Study

13 Dec 2012

In 2012, the Australian and New Zealand Productivity Commissions jointly studied the options for further reforms that would increase economic integration and improve economic outcomes.

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