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Through our research, the Commission contributes to the public debate and encourages informed policy discussion.

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Foreign Investment in Australia - Commission Research Paper

Released: 23 Jun 2020

This research paper looks at the trends, drivers and effects of foreign investment in Australia, and the Australian Government’s foreign investment policy. Foreign investment is beneficial for the Australian economy, but brings some risk which can

Supporting Australia's Exports and Attracting Investment - Productivity Commission submission

Released: 7 Oct 2019

This submission responds to a request from the Joint Standing Committee on Trade and Investment Growth: Inquiry into supporting Australia's exports and attracting investment. The request was that the Commission provide material over the past five

Developments in Anti-dumping Arrangements - Commission Research Paper

Released: 29 Feb 2016

This research paper provides an economic stocktake of recent anti-dumping activity and the changes to Australia's anti-dumping system since the Commission's last report.

On Productivity: concepts and measurement - Staff Research Note

Released: 25 Feb 2015

This staff research note aims to shed light on productivity concepts and measurement issues.

Agricultural Competitiveness Taskforce - Productivity Commission Submission

Released: 28 Apr 2014

This submission was made to the Agricultural Competitiveness Taskforce on 17 April 2014. The submission addresses a number of the issues and questions raised in the Agricultural Competitiveness Issues Paper, drawing on projects undertaken by the

On Productivity: the influence of natural resource inputs - Productivity Commission Staff Research Note

Released: 11 Jun 2013

This staff research note, released on 11 June 2013, looks at the effect of one of these other possible sources of change - natural resource inputs.

Modelling the Effects of the EU Common Agricultural Policy - Productivity Commission Staff Working Paper

Released: 3 Dec 2009

A study evaluating the economic impacts of the Common Agricultural Policy using the GTAP model.

Characteristics of Australia's Irrigated Farms - Joint Publication of the Australian Bureau of Statistics...

Released: 27 Sep 2006

A joint publication of the Australian Bureau of Statistics and Productivity Commission which examines the diversity of farm irrigation practices and management - providing a detailed statistical description of farms which use and trade irrigation

Irrigation externalities: pricing and charges - Productivity Commission Staff Working Paper

Released: 14 Mar 2006

This paper discusses the nature and causes of environmental change related to rural water use, and examines the issues surrounding possible charges on water use for water related externalities.

Trends in Australian Agriculture - Commission Research Paper

Released: 5 Jul 2005

This paper examines some of the key trends in Australia’s agriculture sector over the last 20 years.