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Through our research, the Commission contributes to the public debate and encourages informed policy discussion.

The Commission has a statutory mandate to conduct a program of research to support its inquiries, annual reporting and other responsibilities, including promoting community awareness and understanding of various productivity and regulatory issues.

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Vulnerable Private Renters: Evidence and Options - Commission Research Paper

Released: 25 Sep 2019

This research paper examines the experiences of vulnerable people in the private rental market and the consequences of those experiences, where possible. It also discusses the policy environment affecting outcomes for vulnerable renters, and private

Behavioural Economics and Public Policy - Productivity Commission Conference Proceeding

Released: 9 Aug 2007

Proceedings of the roundtable, Behavioural Economics and Public Policy, held in Melbourne on 8 and 9 August 2007.

Rethinking Regulation - Taskforce on Reducing Regulatory Burdens on Business Report

Released: 7 Apr 2006

This report for the Taskforce on Reducing Regulatory Burdens on Business was released on 7 April 2006.

Using Consumer Views in Performance Indicators for Children's Services - Steering Committee for the Review...

Released: 22 Feb 2000

This report written by Lyn Gain was commissioned by the Steering Committee for the Review of Commonwealth/State Service Provision. The views expressed in the report are those of the consultant, Lyn Gain, and do not necessarily reflect the views of

International Telecommunications Reform in Australia - Industry Commission Staff Information Paper

Released: 5 Jun 1997

International telecommunications reform in Australia

Enforcing Australia's Food Laws: A survey and discussion of the practices of Australia food regulation...

Released: 1 Nov 1995

Australian Quarantine Inspection Service (AQIS); Food inspection; Food labelling; Food packaging; Food products; Food safety; Imported Food Inspection Program (IFIP); National Food Authority (NFA); National Food Standards Council;

Broadband Cable Access Regime - Office of Regulation Review Submission

Released: 1 Jan 1995

This submission comments on access to facilities in circumstances where there are questions as to whether the facilities are "essential" and whether natural monopolies exist.