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Through our research, the Commission contributes to the public debate and encourages informed policy discussion.

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Indigenous Voice Co-design Process - Productivity Commission submission

Released: 29 Apr 2021

The Productivity Commission made a submission to the Indigenous Voice Co-design Process.

National Agreement Performance Information 2008: National Indigenous Reform Agreement

Released: 6 Feb 2020

The information in this report is intended as an input to the COAG Reform Council's analysis of the National Indigenous Reform Agreement.

Indigenous Education Achievement - Commission Research Paper

Released: 8 Jun 2016

This self-initiated research project was able to access a new national dataset that links information about primary school students' literacy and numeracy achievement and demographic characteristics with information about the schools they attend.

National Indigenous Reform Agreement: Performance Assessment 2013-14

Released: 2 Dec 2015

This report is the sixth in the series of performance assessments for the Closing the Gap targets. In making its assessments, the Commission has therefore sought to ensure an appropriate degree of comparability with the assessments made by the COAG

Efficiency in Health - Commission Research Paper

Released: 23 Apr 2015

In this paper, the Commission has identified and assessed opportunities to improve the operation of Australia's health care system. This is based on a roundtable the Commission held with health policy experts in November 2014, as well as follow-up

Housing Assistance and Employment in Australia - Commission Research Paper

Released: 9 Apr 2015

This paper examines the links between housing assistance - social housing and Commonwealth Rent Assistance - and employment.

Better Indigenous Policies: The Role of Evaluation - Productivity Commission Roundtable Proceedings

Released: 30 Apr 2013

The Commission held a roundtable on Better Indigenous Policies: The Role of Evaluation at Old Parliament House in Canberra on 22-23 October.