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Through our research, the Commission contributes to the public debate and encourages informed policy discussion.

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Compliance Costs of 'Nuisance' Tariffs - Research project

Released: 23 Nov 2021

In the context of the Trade and Assistance Review work program, the Commission has initiated a project to clarify the costs and benefits associated with ‘nuisance tariffs’. That is tariffs that raise little revenue for the Australian Government,

Australian Manufacturing Industry - Productivity Commission submission

Released: 17 Sep 2021

The Productivity Commission made a submission to the Senate Economics References Committee Inquiry into the Australian Manufacturing Industry. The submission addresses the role that the Australian manufacturing industry has played, is playing and

Trade and Assistance Review 2019-20

Released: 14 Jul 2021

The review contains the Commission’s latest quantitative estimates of Australian Government assistance to industry, and provides a summary of developments in industry assistance, trade policy and foreign investment over the past year.

Recent developments - Productivity Insights 2021

Released: 17 Jun 2021

Features: The first recession in 28 years; Industry-level productivity performance; Structural effects of COVID-19; Decade in review: slowest growth in 60 years.

Australia’s Long Term Productivity Experience - Productivity Insights 2020

Released: 19 Nov 2020

Features: COVID-19 has ended Australia’s recession-free streak; Learning from past recessions; Working smarter not harder has been key; Australia’s high standard of living is not guaranteed; The role of policy in Australia’s shifting fortunes;

Trade and Assistance Review 2018-19

Released: 29 Apr 2020

The review contains the Commission's latest quantitative estimates of Australian Government assistance to industry and an outline of recent developments in industry assistance and trade policy that may affect assistance estimates in future years.

Can Australia be a Productivity Leader? - Productivity Insights 2020

Released: 13 Mar 2020

Features: Australia's living standards compare well, partly due to high labour utilisation; Can Australia catch up to the US?

Recent productivity trends - Productivity Insights 2020

Released: 17 Feb 2020

Features: A strong labour market has supported continued economic growth; The productivity slowdown; Strong terms of trade have allowed incomes to outgrow productivity over the past 20 years

Trade and Assistance Review 2017-18

Released: 12 Jun 2019

This year's review contains the Commission's latest quantitative estimates of Australian Government assistance to industry. It also provides information on tax concessions and budgetary outlays that may be construed as assistance. A theme chapter

PC Productivity Bulletin 2019

Released: 4 Jun 2019

This year's bulletin was released on 4 June 2019. The Commission analyses the latest ABS productivity statistics and comments on new developments underlying Australia's recent productivity performance.

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