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Through our research, the Commission contributes to the public debate and encourages informed policy discussion.

The Commission has a statutory mandate to conduct a program of research to support its inquiries, annual reporting and other responsibilities, including promoting community awareness and understanding of various productivity and regulatory issues.

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BLADE for productivity research - Productivity Commission Staff Working Paper

Released: 5 May 2021

This staff working paper discusses the uses and limitations of the Business Longitudinal Analysis Data Environment (BLADE) for economic research. BLADE is a comprehensive administrative dataset covering almost all Australian businesses between 2001

The Effects of Education and Health on Wages and Productivity - Productivity Commission Staff Working Paper

Released: 18 Mar 2010

In this Staff Working Paper, a human capital earnings function and data from the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) survey are used to estimate the effects of education and health status on wages, which can be used as an

Investments in Intangible Assets and Australia's Productivity Growth - Productivity Commission Staff...

Released: 26 Mar 2009

This paper applies the CHS methodology to data for the market sector of the Australian economy to estimate the level and growth of investment in a range of intangibles.

Assessing productivity in the delivery of health services in Australia: Some experimental estimates -...

Released: 6 Dec 2007

This paper was presented by Owen Gabbitas at the Productivity Perspectives 2007 conference held jointly between the Australian Bureau of Statistics and the Productivity Commission in Canberra on 6 December 2007.

Can Australia Match US Productivity Performance? - Productivity Commission Staff Working Paper

Released: 8 Mar 2007

This paper examines Australia's future productivity growth prospects and, specifically, whether it is feasible for Australia to match the performance benchmarks set by other countries now and in the foreseeable future.

Measuring the Contributions of Productivity and Terms of Trade to Australia's Economic Welfare -...

Released: 28 Mar 2006

This research identifies and implements improvements in practical welfare measurement beyond the conventional average income or GDP per capita measure; and gauges the welfare contributions of productivity and the terms of trade.

Aspects of Structural Change in Australia - Commission Research Paper

Released: 3 Dec 1998

This report sets out the Commission's views on structural change, and provides factual information about structural change in Australia since the early 1970s.