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Through our research, the Commission contributes to the public debate and encourages informed policy discussion.

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Public Transport Pricing - Commission Research Paper

Released: 15 Dec 2021

COVID-19 has decimated public transport patronage and revenue in all Australian cities. The recovery period provides time for state and territory governments to re-think how they price and deliver sustainable public transport services. The report

Supporting Australia's Exports and Attracting Investment - Productivity Commission submission

Released: 7 Oct 2019

This submission responds to a request from the Joint Standing Committee on Trade and Investment Growth: Inquiry into supporting Australia's exports and attracting investment. The request was that the Commission provide material over the past five

Digital Disruption: What do governments need to do? - Commission Research Paper

Released: 15 Jun 2016

This paper focuses on the role of government in the face of potentially disruptive technological change.

Productivity in Financial and Insurance Services - Staff Research Note

Released: 18 Feb 2016

As the first service sector to be examined, there are new questions as to what is actually being measured and how well it reflects the underlying concept of productivity.

National Indigenous Reform Agreement: Performance Assessment 2013-14

Released: 2 Dec 2015

This report is the sixth in the series of performance assessments for the Closing the Gap targets. In making its assessments, the Commission has therefore sought to ensure an appropriate degree of comparability with the assessments made by the COAG

Housing Decisions of Older Australians - Commission research paper

Released: 1 Dec 2015

The report is the third flagship research paper and it continues the investigation of issues relating to the ageing of Australia's population, this time focusing on the housing choices made by older Australians.

National Agreement Performance Information 2008: National Healthcare Agreement

Released: 7 Jun 2010

The information in this report is intended as an input to the COAG Reform Council's analysis of the National Healthcare Agreement.

Efficiency Measures for Child Protection and Support Pathways - Consultancy report

Released: 15 May 2005

The report provides the basis for a major advance in the way child protection performance is assessed, reflecting fundamental shifts in notions of both service delivery and government financial accountability.

Superannuation in the Costing of Government Services - Steering Committee for the Review of Government...

Released: 21 Sep 1998

A Steering Committee research paper on the way superannuation is costed in calculating service costs for the annual 'Report on Government Services'.

Exports of Government Services - Industry Commission Research Report

Released: 14 Oct 1997

The report resulted from an Industry Commission study of exports of government services covering Commonwealth, State and Territory governments.