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Through our research, the Commission contributes to the public debate and encourages informed policy discussion.

The Commission has a statutory mandate to conduct a program of research to support its inquiries, annual reporting and other responsibilities, including promoting community awareness and understanding of various productivity and regulatory issues.

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The Demand Driven University System: A mixed report card - Commission Research Paper

Released: 17 Jun 2019

This research paper documents what happened during the demand driven university system before it ceased in 2017.

Links Between Literacy and Numeracy Skills and Labour Market Outcomes - Productivity Commission Staff...

Released: 20 Oct 2010

This paper analyses data from a 2006 survey on the literacy and numeracy skills of the Australian adult population.

The Effects of Education and Health on Wages and Productivity - Productivity Commission Staff Working Paper

Released: 18 Mar 2010

In this Staff Working Paper, a human capital earnings function and data from the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) survey are used to estimate the effects of education and health status on wages, which can be used as an

Microeconomic reforms and the revival in Australia's growth in productivity and living standards -...

Released: 2 Oct 2002

A paper on the contribution of microeconomic reforms to Australia's productivity performance, presented to the Conference of Economists, Adelaide, 1 October 2002.

Microeconomic Reforms in Australia: A Compendium from the 1970s to 1997 - Industry Commission Research...

Released: 1 Jan 1998

Microeconomic reforms in Australia: A compendium from the 1970s to 1997

International Comparisons of Plant Productivity - Domestic Water Heaters - Bureau of Industry Economics...

Released: 1 Nov 1991

International comparisons of plant productivity - Domestic water heaters