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Through our research, the Commission contributes to the public debate and encourages informed policy discussion.

The Commission has a statutory mandate to conduct a program of research to support its inquiries, annual reporting and other responsibilities, including promoting community awareness and understanding of various productivity and regulatory issues.

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The Demand Driven University System: A mixed report card - Commission Research Paper

Released: 17 Jun 2019

This research paper documents what happened during the demand driven university system before it ceased in 2017.

A rationale for developing a linked employer-employee dataset for policy research - Staff Research Note

Released: 29 Jul 2016

This staff research note by Matthew Forbes and Patrick Jomini highlights the importance of Linked Employer-Employee Data (LEED) and provides a rationale for further developing the Foundation LEED for policy research.

Superannuation Policy for Post-Retirement - Commission research paper

Released: 7 Jul 2015

This report is a detailed analysis of two aspects of superannuation policy affecting the post-retirement phase: What might happen if the age that individuals can access their superannuation (the 'preservation age') were raised? Is the way people

Housing Assistance and Employment in Australia - Commission Research Paper

Released: 9 Apr 2015

This paper examines the links between housing assistance - social housing and Commonwealth Rent Assistance - and employment.

Work Choices of Married Women: drivers of change - Productivity Commission Visiting Researcher Paper

Released: 21 Jan 2010

This paper by visiting researcher Lixin Cai was released on 21 January 2010.

Men Not at Work: An Analysis of Men Outside the Labour Force - Productivity Commission Staff Working Paper

Released: 23 Jan 2007

This staff working paper is part of a stream of Productivity Commission research focused on labour participation issues.

The Role of Non-Traditional Work in the Australian Labour Market - Commission Research Paper

Released: 25 May 2006

The main aims of this paper are to assess the recent prevalence, growth and characteristics of non-traditional work.

The Role of Technology in Determining Skilled Employment: An Economywide Approach - Productivity Commission ...

Released: 28 Aug 2001

The paper investigates the shift in demand toward skilled workers in an economywide framework, and compares the role of skill biased technological change with that of trade in explaining the increased demand for skilled workers.

Unemployment and Re-employment of Displaced Workers - Productivity Commission Staff Research Paper

Released: 19 Oct 2000

This paper examines the incidence and adjustment experiences of workers displaced by economic change.

The Increasing Demand for Skilled Workers in Australia: The Role of Technical Change - Productivity...

Released: 12 Sep 2000

This paper analyses the shift towards high skilled employment in Australia and possible causes.