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Mutual Recognition of Company Tax Imputation Credits

Technical workshop

A technical workshop was held on 31 October 2012 in Melbourne, the documents and presentations discussed at the workshop are now available.

In the discussion draft, the Commissions foreshadowed further analysis and modelling, as well as consultation with experts to help clarify the potential effects of introducing the mutual recognition of imputation credits between Australia and New Zealand.

The documents and presentations discussed at the workshop included the following:

  • A background paper prepared jointly by the Commissions
  • A paper Mutual Recognition: A Framework for Considering Costs and Benefits by Matt Benge and Hamish Slack from the New Zealand Inland Revenue Department
  • The Centre for Independent Economics and the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research's Modelling of the Costs and Benefits of Imputation and Franking Credits, which was originally incorporated in submission 58 to the study
  • A paper Modelling the Effects of Mutual Recognition of Imputation Credits: Technical workshop paper which outlined modelling by the Australian Productivity Commission.

The Commissions engaged three discussants with expertise in taxation, and imputation credits in particular. They subsequently provided written comments from Bob Officer, Robin Oliver and Peter Swan.

Matthew Benge provided some additional written comments.

The Australia New Zealand Leadership Forum addressed some issues raised at the workshop in a subsequent letter.

The Commission is grateful to all workshop participants for their contributions. The discussion and papers have provided valuable input to the Commissions' final report.

Download the workshop papers