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Consumer policy framework

Consultancy report

Released 12 / 12 / 2007

This consultancy report by Professors Stephen Corones and Sharon Christensen of the Faculty of Law - Queensland University of Technology, was released as part of the Review of Australia's Consumer Policy Framework.

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  • Contents

Part I: Introduction

Part II: Commonwealth Consumer Protection Regime
2.1   Introduction
2.2   TPA and the Corporations Act
2.3   TPA and the ASIC Act
2.4   Consumer Protection for Financial Services
2.5   Review Recommendation

Part III: Comparison of Commonwealth TPA with State and Territory Fair Trading Regimes
3.1   Introduction
3.2   Comparative Table
3.3   Material differences between TPA and FTAs

S2A/2B: Application of the TPA
3.4   Introduction
3.5   Application to the Crown
3.6   Crown not liable for penalty or prosecution
3.7   Extra-territoriality and Conflict of Laws

S4: Definition of consumer
3.8   Introduction
3.9   Comparison of definitions of consumer
3.10   What are the material differences between the FTA's and TPA?
3.11   Summary of Review Issues
3.12   Introduction
3.13   Unconscionable conduct within the meaning of the unwritten law of the States and Territories.
3.14   Unconscionable conduct in trade or commerce
3.15   Unconscionable conduct in trade or commerce in relation to business transactions

Pt IVB: Industry codes
3.16   Introduction
3.17   TPA Provisions
3.18   State Regimes
3.19   Comparison of additional provisions in FTAs

Pt V: Consumer protection (except div 1AA)
3.20   Introduction

Pt V Div 1
3.21   Misleading or Deceptive Conduct
3.22   Representations in relation to a future matter
3.23   Specific Misleading Conduct Provisions
3.24   Statement re Price of goods
3.25   Advertising in relation to Goods
3.26   Unsolicited Goods
3.27   Summary of Additional Provisions in State FTAs not present in TPA

Pt V Div 1A
3.28   Consumer information and product safety

Pt V Div 2
3.29   Comparison of Non-excludable Implied Warranties and Conditions in the Trade Practices Act and State Regimes

Pt V Div 2A
3.30   Actions against Manufacturers and Importers

Pt VC: Offences
3.31   Introduction
3.32   Comparison of penalties by state
3.33   Comparison of Maximum Penalties for Offences by Bodies Corporate
3.34   Comparison of maximum penalties for individuals
3.35   Material Differences
3.36   Comparison of PART VC, TPA and FTAs: Offences

Pt VI: Enforcement and Remedies
3.37   Introduction
3.38   Injunctions
3.39   Non-punitive Orders
3.40   Undertakings
3.41   Recommendations for Additional Enforcement Powers
3.42   State and Territory Enforcement (Unfair conduct)
3.43   Remedies under the Commonwealth Regime
3.44   Remedies for breach of Implied Terms
3.45   Remedies under the State and Territory regime
3.46   Remedies for breach of implied terms State and Territory legislation
3.47   Enforcement Powers
3.48   Remedies
3.49   Material differences

Pt VIA: Proportionate liability for misleading or deceptive conduct
4.1   Introduction
4.2   TPA Framework
4.3   Material differences
4.4   Apportionable Claim - TPA and CLAs
4.5   Excluded Wrongdoers

Pt VIB: Claims for damages or compensation for death or personal injuries (compared to negligence/ other avenues for redress under State and Territory laws)
5.1   Introduction
5.2   TPA Framework
5.3   Availability of damages for death or personal injury in TPA & FTAs
5.4   Compensation for loss or damage
5.5   Limitation of liability for provision of recreational services
5.6   Maximum damages available
5.7   Cap on damages for loss of earnings
5.8   Threshold for damages
5.9   Court may refer to past decision in determining non-economic loss
5.10   Abolition of aggravated and exemplary damages
5.11   Gratuitous care
5.12   Availability of Structured Settlements

State and Territory legislation which deals with unfair and unjust terms
6.1   Contracts Review Act 1980 (NSW)
6.2   Part 2B of the Fair Trading Act 1999 (Vic)
6.3   Material Differences

Summary of Material Differences and Recommendations for Review