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Consumer product safety

Options paper

Released 07 / 02 / 2006

This options paper was prepared by the Ministerial Council on Consumer Affairs.

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  • Contents

1 Preliminaries
Cover, Contents

Executive Summary

Chapter 1 Introduction
Options Leading to Improved Harmonisation

Chapter 2 The Commission's approach
Option 1 — A General Safety Provision
Option 2 — Revising the Definition of Unsafe Goods
Option 3 — Monitoring and Reporting Requirements on Business
Option 4 — Extension of the Existing Recall Obligations

Chapter 3 A More informed product safety system
Product Safety Data and Research in Australia
Improving Product Safety Data and Research

Appendix 1 Second-hand goods and services

Appendix 2 What product safety data and information do consumer agencies currently use?

Appendix 3 AUZSHARE

Appendix 4 Information