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Impacts of native vegetation and biodiversity regulations

Consultancy report

Released 10 / 08 / 2004

This report by Dr Ian Beale, was commissioned for the public inquiry into the Impacts of Native Vegetation and Biodiversity Regulations.

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  • Contents

1 Rate of Thickening in Murweh Shire
Tree Thickening in Murweh Shire
Other Species

2. Basal Area Increases

3 Development of a Woody Index Relationship

4 Development of Estimates of Rates of Cover Change

5 SLATS FPC Estimates

6 State and Transition and pulses of growth

7 Management Considerations

Appendix - Discussion on the wider impacts of tree/shrub “thickening” on Queensland grazing lands
1 Tree/shrub thickening
2 Tree/shrub thickening effects on livestock carrying capacity
3 Thinning
4 Thickening effects on environmental values
5 Conclusion