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Australian pigmeat industry (2005)

Inquiry report

This inquiry report was released on 16 August 2005.

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  • Contents

Cover, Copyright, Terms of reference, Contents, Abbreviations and explanations, Key points, Overview, Findings

1 Introduction
1.1 Background to this inquiry
1.2 Conduct of the inquiry
1.3 Report structure

2 Australian markets for pigs and pigmeat
2.1 Pig and pigmeat products
2.2 Production of pigmeat
2.3 Consumption of pigmeat
2.4 Pig and pigmeat prices
2.5 Exports and imports
2.6 Profitability

3 Framework for assessing industry competitiveness
3.1 The competitiveness of businesses and industries
3.2 Sources of competitive advantage
3.3 Potential indicators of competitiveness

4 External factors affecting competitiveness
4.1 Delivered cost of imported pigmeat
4.2 Feed costs
4.3 Government assistance

5 Internal factors affecting competitiveness
5.1 Production technology
5.2 Inputs
5.3 Risk management

6 Government and industry programs in Australia
6.1 Framework for establishing the role of government
6.2 Government programs to improve competitiveness and economic efficiency in the pigmeat industry
6.3 Government programs to facilitate adjustment to economic change in the pigmeat industry
6.4 Industry programs

7 Potential impediments to improving performance and competitiveness
7.1 Imports and overseas assistance
7.2 Market access in export markets
7.3 Grain prices and availability
7.4 Access to genetic material
7.5 Labour costs and availability
7.6 Labelling laws
7.7 Pig size and pigmeat payment systems
7.8 Risk management in output and input prices
7.9 Access to capital
7.10 Animal welfare regulations
7.11 Other potential impediments
7.12 Conclusion

8 Measures to improve industry competitiveness
8.1 Industry and business measures to improve competitiveness
8.2 Government measures to improve competitiveness
8.3 Conclusion

9 Outlook for competitiveness

A Conduct of the Inquiry

B Supplementary information on Australian markets for pigs and pigmeat
B.1 Pigmeat supply chain
B.2 Pig and pigmeat prices
B.3 Exports and imports
B.4 Imported and domestic pigmeat used in secondary processing

C Supplementary information on world markets
C.1 World pigmeat production, consumption and trade
C.2 Country profiles

D Correspondence

E Producer support estimates
E.1 Components of producer support estimates

F Summary program information for Australia
F.1 Australian Pork Limited programs
F.2 Cooperative Research Centre for an Internationally Competitive Pork Industry
F.3 Pork Industry Restructure Strategy programs
F.4 Export Market Development Grants
F.5 Tax provisions
F.6 Agriculture — Advancing Australia programs
F.7 Exceptional Circumstances drought assistance

Attachment I: Programs assisting pigmeat producers in Canada, the European Union and the United States
I.1 Executive summary
I.2 International production
I.3 United States
I.4 Canada
I.5 European Union
I.6 Research, inspection, education and extension services
I.7 Outlook
I.8 Summary of specific programs