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Australia's general tariff arrangements

Inquiry report

Released 19 / 12 / 2000

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  • Contents

Cover, Copyright, Signing Page, Terms of reference, Acknowledgements, Contents, Abbreviations and explanations, Key messages, Overview

1 Introduction
1.1 Background
1.2 Scope of the inquiry
1.3 The Commission’s approach
1.4 Consultation
1.5 Participants’ views on tariff rates
1.6 Report structure

2 Tariffs in context
2.1 Current tariff structure
2.2 Budgetary revenue
2.3 Bound tariffs
2.4 Current tariff assistance
2.5 Tariff reform to date

3 Tariffs and their effects
3.1 Effects of tariffs
3.2 Quantifying the effects of removing existing tariffs
3.3 Labour market effects of tariffs removal in context

4 Some issues related to tariff reform
4.1 Microeconomic reform and structural adjustment
4.2 Schedule for PMV and TCF tariff reform
4.3 Tariff lines for which there is no significant Australian production

5 International developments and trade arrangements
5.1 International economic and trade developments
5.2 Trade arrangements
5.3 Implications for Australia's trade agreements
5.4 Implications for trade liberalisation

6 Tariff concession arrangements
6.1 The Tariff Concession System
6.2 Evaluating the TCS
6.3 Project and other policy by-laws
6.4 Evaluating project and other policy by-laws
6.5 Concessions for exporters
6.6 Evaluating export concession arrangements
6.7 Implications for concession arrangements of reductions in general tariffs

7 Options
7.1 Evaluating the scope for further tariff reductions
7.2 Adjustment issues
7.3 Options for tariff concession arrangements
7.4 General tariff options
7.5 Recommendations

A Conduct of the inquiry

B Average applied and bound tariff rates

C Tariff concession arrangements