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National water reform (2018)

Public hearings

Public hearings provide participants with the opportunity to elaborate on their submissions, respond to submissions of others, and to discuss issues with Commissioners. The transcripts of the hearings will be made available publicly on the Commission's website. Any organisation or person can participate, either to appear and discuss their submissions or to observe the proceedings. Read more about public hearings

The Commission invited parties to register their interest in appearing before a public hearing.

Download transcript of all hearings

Please note: Access Word versions of transcripts by hearing below.

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Canberra, ACT - 16 October 2017


  • National Farmers' Federation (NFF): Edmund Hogan
  • Central NSW Councils (CENTROC): Meredith Macpherson
  • University of Canberra: Bradley Moggridge

Sydney, NSW - 17 October 2017


  • Water Services Association of Australia: Adam Lovell and Stuart Wilson
  • Australian Water Association: Jonathan McKeown and Dr Paul Smith
  • Sydney Water: Philip Davies and Kaia Hodge
  • Independent Candidate for Berowra: Roger Woodward
  • Greater Sydney Commission: Lyndall Pickering

Adelaide, SA - 23 October 2017


  • ICE WaRM: Darryl Day
  • Water Industry Alliance: Dan Croucher
  • Goyder Institute: Dr Kane Aldridge
  • Water Research Australia: Karen Rouse

Melbourne, Vic - 24 October 2017


  • Inxure Strategy Group: Shaun Cox
  • University of Melbourne: Nathan Taylor
  • Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sustainable Cities: Ben Furmage
  • Australian WaterSecure Innovations: Lucia Cade
  • Alistair Watson