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Perspectives on productivity.... depend on your point of view

Conference presentation

The conference presentation, Perspectives on productivity.... depend on your point of view, was presented by Eric Bartelsman, from the Free University of Amsterdam, at the Productivity Perspectives 2004 conference.


The presentation commences with a very brief display of the most common indicators of productivity developments. The usefulness of these indicators as input into policy decisions depends on the area of policy. At present, many policy questions go unanswered. An analytical framework will be discussed that links the various strands of empirical productivity research to the informational needs of policy makers. Although the framework has not yet been used as the basis for empirical research, some recent evidence may clarify the mechanisms through which policy affects productivity. Going forward, the framework highlights areas that require further theoretical attention. The largest hurdles, however, remain in the area of measurement.

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Productivity Perspectives depend on your point of view
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Integrating evidence on the determinants of productivity, by Eric Bartelsman and Henri L.F. De Groot
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