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Auto industry (2002)

Consultancy report

This report produced by the Centre of International Ecomomics was presented at the Modelling Workshop on 27 May 2002.

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  • Contents

1   Introduction
This report
Some key results
Key features of the modelling design

2   PMV tariffs
Reducing Australia’s PMV tariffs
Reducing Australian and APEC PMV tariffs

3   Manufacturing tariffs
Australian and APEC manufacturing tariffs reduced to 5 per cent
Australian and APEC manufacturing tariffs removed

4   Manufacturing tariffs and agricultural protection
APEC tariffs and agricultural protection reduced to 5 per cent
Removing Australian and APEC protection
Removing world manufacturing tariffs and agricultural protection

5   Sensitivity analysis
Changes in parameter groups
Alternate closure

A   Appendix: technical simulation details
Model aggregation
Database adjustments
Solution method