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Auto industry (2002)

Consultancy report

This report produced by the Centre of International Ecomomics was presented at the Modelling Workshop on 27 May 2002.

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  • Contents

Executive Summary


1   Methodology

2   Industry Assistance Scenarios
2.1   Inquiry Modelling Parameters
2.2   Automotive Industry Assistance Scenarios
2.3   Converting Statutory Tariff Rates to Modelled Tariff Rates
2.4   1993/94 Input-Output Tables
2.5   Modelling Outputs

3   No ACIS Scenario
3.1   Detailed Automotive Industry Effects
3.2   Broad Automotive Industry Effects
3.3   Wider Industry Effects
3.4   Regional Effects
3.5   National Macroeconomic Effects

4   Reduced Automotive Assistance Scenario
4.1   Detailed Automotive Industry Effects
4.2   Broader Automotive Industry Effects
4.3   Wider Industry Effects
4.4   Regional Effects
4.5   National Macroeconomic Effects

5   No Assistance Scenario
5.1   Detailed Automotive Industry Effects
5.2   Broader Automotive Industry Effects
5.3   Wider Industry Effects
5.4   Regional Effects
5.5   National Macroeconomic Effects

Attachment A   Detailed Model Simulation Results

Attachment B   Dissection of the Reduced Assistance Scenario

Attachment C   Dissection of the No Assistance Scenario