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Executive remuneration

Public hearings

Initial public hearings (5 transcripts)

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Sydney — 16 June 2009

  • CGI Glass Lewis and Guerdon Associates: Sandy Easterbrook and Michael Robinson
  • Regnan Governance Research and Engagement: Erik Mather and Pru Bennent
  • Australian Shareholders Association: Claire Doherty
  • Klaas Woldring
  • Australian Employee Ownership Association / International Institute for Self-Governance: Shann Turnbull
  • Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union: John Sutton
  • Investment and Financial Services Association: John O'Shaughnessy, Joseph Sorby, Greg Cooper and John Gethin-Jones
  • Australasian Investor Relations Association: Ian Matheson

Sydney — 17 June 2009

  • Chartered Secretaries Australia Ltd: Tim Sheehy and Judith Fox
  • Australian Human Resource Institute: Peter Wilson and Paul Begley
  • Australasian Compliance Institute: Martin Tolar and Naomi Burley
  • Rodger Hills
  • Maxumise Consulting Pty Ltd: Max Underhill
  • Freehills: Quentin Digby and Caroline Pugsley
  • Australian Institute of Company Directors: John Story and John Colvin

Melbourne — 24 June 2009

  • Jacoby Consulting Group: Jack Jacoby
  • Ian Hundley
  • Stephen Mayne
  • Joint Accounting Bodies: John Purcell, Kerry Hicks and John Ravlic
  • Remuneration Strategies Group: John Day and Gary Fitton
  • Andrew Donovan and Peter Tunjic

Melbourne — 25 June 2009

  • Australian Council of Superannuation Investors: Anne Byrne, Phillip Spathis, Rosalind McKay and Deborah Gilshan
  • Mercer: Yolande Foord, Graham O'Neill and Christine Deveney
  • Financial Sector Union: Leon Carter, Rod Masson and James Bennett
  • Riskmetrics Group: Martin Lawrence and Dean Paatsch
  • KPMG: Martin Morrow and Andy Hutt
  • Norman Geschke

Brisbane — 10 July 2009

  • In Tempore Advisory: Mark Christensen
  • Australian Institute of Management: Vivienne Anthon
  • Effective Governance: James Beck

Discussion draft public hearings (4 transcripts)

Melbourne — 27 October 2009

  • Australian Human Resources Institute: Peter Wilson and Paul Begley
  • Norm West
  • Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU): Grant Belchamber and Marion Gaynor

Sydney — 9 November 2009

  • KPMG
  • Regnan Governance Research and Engagement
  • Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia

Sydney — 10 November 2009

  • Guerdon Associates
  • Chartered Secretaries Australia
  • Australian Institute of Company Directors
  • CPA Australia
  • Australian Shareholders' Association
  • Adrian Gattenhof
  • Malcolm Fraser

Melbourne — 13 November 2009

  • Ernst and Young: Bruno Cecchini and James Sadler
  • Hay Group: Allan Berry and Karyn Johnson
  • Business Council of Australia: Melinda Cilento
  • Australian Council of Super Investors: Michael O'Sullivan, Anne Byrne and Phil Spathis
  • RiskMetrics: Martin Lawrence and Dean Paatsch