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Reforms to Human Services

Public hearings

Public hearings provide participants with the opportunity to elaborate on their submissions, respond to submissions of others, and to discuss issues with Commissioners. The transcripts of the hearings will be made available publicly on the Commission's website. Any organisation or person can participate, either to appear and discuss their submissions or to observe the proceedings. Read more about public hearings

The Commission invited parties to register their interest in appearing before a public hearing.

Download transcript of all hearings

Please note: Access Word versions of transcripts by hearing below.

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Sydney - 24 July 2017


  • Push for Palliative Care: Yvonne McMaster
  • Australian Dental Association and Australian Dental Association (NSW Branch): Kate Miranda, Shanti Sivaneswaran, Stes Stengos and Eithne Irving
  • Homelessness NSW: Chris Hartley and Natalie Star
  • National Congress of Australia's First Peoples: Greg Slabb
  • Yfoundations: Chris Stone
  • Groundswell Project: Jessie Williams and Rosemary Leonard
  • Centre for Independent Studies: Michael Potter
  • Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals: Melinda Morrison, Su McCluskey and Gillian McFee
  • Individual Dental Practitioners: Raul Italiana, Andrea Lenard and Patrick Tam
  • Reginald Lobb

Canberra - 25 July 2017


  • Palliative Care Australia: Liz Callaghan
  • Catholic Social Services Australia: Joe Zabar and Liz de Chastel
  • Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association: Alison Verhoeven and Linc Thurecht
  • Baptist Care Australia and Churches Housing Inc: Marcia Balzer, Magnus Linder, Donna Lennon and Hayley Robinette
  • NSW Federation of Housing Associations (NSW FHA) and Community Housing Industry Association (CHIA): Wendy Hayhurst and Peta Winzar
  • St Vincent de Paul Society National Council: John Falzon and Corinne Dobson
  • Helen Dickinson
  • Anglicare Australia: Roland Manderson and Imogen Ebsworth
  • Family and Relationship Services Australia: Adam Heaton

Melbourne - 27 July 2017


  • Australian Dental And Oral Health Therapists’ Association: Tan Nguyen
  • Dental Health Services Victoria: Deb Cole
  • Community Housing Limited: Joe Flood
  • Family Care: David Tennant
  • Council To Homeless Persons: Damien Patterson
  • Little Haven Palliative Care: Sue Manton
  • Hobart District Nursing Services: Kim MacGowan
  • Victorian Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (VACCHO): Noeleen Tunny and Alisoun Neville
  • COTA Australia: Ian Yates AM
  • Deakin Institute for Healthcare Transformation: Rebecca Bartel and Peter Martin
  • Australian Association Of Social Workers: Cindy Smith and Angela Scarfe

Melbourne - 28 July 2017


  • Australian Services Union: Linda White, Emeline Gaske, Colleen Keefe and Leon Wiegard
  • Adult Learning Australia: Jenny MacAffer and Meg Cotter
  • Health Workers Union: David Eden and Kamal Bekhazi

Perth - 31 July 2017


  • WA Council of Social Service (WACOSS): Louise Giolitto, Jennie Gray and Chris Twomey
  • Community Employers WA (CEWA): John Bouffler and Ross Kyrwood
  • Shelter WA: Michelle Mackenzie and Stephen Hall
  • WA Local Government Association (WALGA): Jodie Holbrook and Nina Hewson
  • Palliative Care Western Australia: Vicki Barry