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Review of National Competition Policy Arrangements

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Public Hearing Transcript - Sydney 30 November 2004

Participants Pages
Australian Council for Infrastructure Development (Denis O'Neill, Warren Mundy) 2-16
Pacific National (Robert Jeremy, Jamie Carstairs, Henry Ergas, Angus Taylor) 17-33
Railway Technical Society of Australasia (Philip Laird, Andrew Honan) 34-41
Association of Consulting Engineers Australia (Therese Charles, Nicola Grayson, John Ridgway) 42-48
Australian Telecommunications Users Group (Rosemary Sinclair) 49-58
New South Wales Council of Social Services (Gary Moore, Maz Thomson) 59-68
NECG (Henry Ergas, Paul Paterson, Trevor Lee) 69-89
Grain Growers Association (Damian Capp) 90-96
Maritime Union of Australia and Australian Institute of Marine and Power Engineers (Ian Manning, Dean Summers, Martin Byrne) 97-108