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Inequality and economic mobility

Commission research

This research will bring together and take stock of the evidence measuring the prevalence of, and trends in, inequality, economic mobility and disadvantage across Australian society. It will build on and update earlier research, most notably the Commission’s 2018 Research Paper Rising inequality: A stocktake of the evidence.

The Commission will release two papers.

First paper – released 20 May 2024

This paper provides an update on the state of economic inequality in Australia, reviewing the period of the COVID-19 induced recession and recovery. It also deep dives into economic inequality for three cohorts:

  • women
  • older people
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

A snapshot of inequality in Australia

Second paper

This paper will focus on poverty and economic mobility, looking at how economic wellbeing changes over time, either over the course of people’s lives or between generations.

Expected release date

July 2024


Rebecca Stoeckel 02 6240 3236