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Rural research and development corporations

Public hearings

11 transcripts

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Sydney 4 November 2010

  • NSW Farmers' Association: Charles Armstrong, Charles Thomas, Justin Crosby and Matt Brand
  • Across Agriculture: Mick Keogh (Australian Farm Institute) and Adam Kay (Cotton Australia)
  • Fisheries Research and Development Corporation: Harry Woods, Patrick Hone and Stuart Richey

Sydney 5 November 2010

  • Cotton Australia: Adam Kay and Greg Kauter
  • Australian Mushroom Growers' Association: Greg Seymour

Canberra 8 November 2010

  • Commonwealth Fisheries Association: Trixi Madon
  • Triple Helix Consulting: Andrew Campbell
  • Australian Centre of International Agricultural Research: Dr Simon Hearn
  • New Rural Industries Australia: Ian Chivers and Darro Stinson
  • John Angus

Canberra 9 November 2010

  • Sheepmeat Council of Australia: Ron Cullen and Kate Joseph
  • Winemakers Federation of Australia: Tony Battaglene
  • National Farmers Federation: Ben Fargher and Sam Nelson

Melbourne 12 November 2010

  • Australian Council of Deans of Agriculture: Rick Roush
  • University of Melbourne: Barbara Howlett, Ary Hoffman and Glenn Browning
  • Apple and Pear Australia Ltd: Tony Russell, John Lawrenson and Annie Farrow
  • AUSVEG: Richard Mulcahy, Hugh Tobin and Andrew White
  • Australian Fodder Industry Association: Colin Peace, Andrew Walter and Bill Gough
  • Australian Beef Association: Athol Economou
  • Victorian Farmers Federation: Chris Nixon, Darren Keating, Stephen Sheridan and Darryl Harrison
  • Don Lawson
  • Gene Ethics: Bob Phelps
  • Southern Farming Systems: Jon Midwood, Michael Neville and Tony Kent
  • John Wallace
  • Robert Ingram

Tamworth 15 November 2010

  • Australian Agricultural Crop Technologies: Daryl Young
  • New South Wales Farmers' Association: Angela Martin
  • Cotton Research and Development Corporation: Mike Logan, Bruce Finney and Bruce Pyke
  • Robert Gordon

Brisbane 16 November 2010

  • Growcom: Alex Livingstone
  • CANEGROWERS Australia and the Australian Sugar Milling Council: Bernard Milford, Warren Males and Malcolm Wegner
  • Sugar Research and Development Corporation: Ian Causley and Annette Sugden
  • Australian Cane Farmers: Stephen Ryan
  • Conservation Farmers Inc: Michael Burgis
  • Peasley Horticultural Services: David Peasley
  • AgForce Queensland: Dale Miller and Wayne Newton
  • University of Queensland: Michael D'Occhio

Hobart 22 November 2010

  • Tasmanian Seafood Industry Council: Neil Stump
  • Tasmanian Institute of Agricultural Research: Wes Ford and Richard Doyle
  • Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association: Jan Davis and Rod Thirkell-Johnston
  • Australian Superfine Wool Growers' Association: Helen Cathles and Rod Thirkell-Johnston
  • Australian Wool Innovation: Stuart McCullough and Sally Holmes
  • Australian Dairy Industry Council: Wesley Judd and David Losberg
  • Dairy Australia: Ian Halliday and Chris Phillips
  • TQA Australia: Jane Lovell

Adelaide 24 November 2010

  • Seafood Cooperative Research Centre: Len Stephens
  • Australian Southern Bluefin Tuna Industry Association: Brian Jeffries
  • Low Rainfall Collaboration Project: Nigel Wilhelm
  • Council of Rural Research and Development Corporations: Su McCluskey, Dennis Mutton and Garry Goucher
  • Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation: Craig Burns
  • South Australian Grains Industry Trust and the Australian Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology: Geoff Thomas
  • Grape and Wine Research and Deveolpment Corporation: Rory McEwen, Terry Lee and Kate Harvey
  • Katja Hogendoorn
  • Peter McInnes
  • Michael Keller

Perth 25 November 2010

  • PGA: Rick Wilson, Janet Thompson, Leon Bradley and Gary McGill
  • Curtin University: Charlie Thorn
  • David Lindsay
  • Kondinin Group: Richard Price
  • Department of Agriculture and Food WA: Rob Delane, Peter Metcalfe and Mark Sweetingham
  • WA Farmers Federation: Mike Norton and Alan Hill
  • WA Fishing Industry Council and National Seafood Industry Alliance: Anna Croni
  • Jannette Liddelow
  • Doug Hall
  • Network of Concerned Farmers: Julie Newman

Mildura 30 November 2010

  • Cattle Council of Australia: Leonard Vallance and Paul Fry
  • Citrus Australia Ltd: Judith Damiani and Tania Chapman
  • Meat and Livestock Australia: David Palmer, Christine Pitt and Cameron Hall
  • Mallee Sustainable Farming group: Ian Hastings, Jim Maynard and Mike Mooney
  • Birchip Cropping Group: Ian McClelland and Alexandra Gartmann