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Report on Government Services

Terms of Reference

Outputs and objectives

  1. The Steering Committee will measure and publish annually data on the equity, efficiency and cost effectiveness of government services through the Report on Government Services (ROGS).
  2. The ROGS facilitates improved service delivery, efficiency and performance, and accountability to governments and the public by providing a repository of meaningful, balanced, credible, comparative information on the provision of government services, capturing qualitative as well as quantitative change. The Steering Committee will seek to ensure that the performance indicators are administratively simple and cost effective.
  3. The ROGS should include a robust set of performance indicators, consistent with the principles set out in the Intergovernmental Agreement on Federal Financial Relations; and an emphasis on longitudinal reporting, subject to a program of continual improvement in reporting.
  4. To encourage improvements in service delivery and effectiveness, ROGS should also highlight improvements and innovation.

Steering Committee authority

  1. The Steering Committee exercises overall authority within the ROGS reporting process, including determining the coverage of its reporting and the specific performance indicators that will be published, taking into account the scope of National Agreement reporting and avoiding unnecessary data provision burdens for jurisdictions.
  2. The Steering Committee will implement a program of review and continuous improvement that will allow for changes to the scope of the ROGS over time, including reporting on new service areas and significant service delivery areas that are jurisdiction-specific.

Reporting to COAG

  1. The Steering Committee will review the ROGS every three years and advise COAG on jurisdictions’ compliance with data provision requirements and of potential improvements in data collection. It may also report on other matters, for example, ROGS’s scope, relevance and usefulness; and other matters consistent with the Steering Committee’s terms of reference and charter of operations.