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General practice compliance costs

Focus group report

Released 10 / 02 / 2003

The report was prepared by Millward Brown Australia, which conducted focus groups of GPs in September 2002 to provide information on GPs’ perceptions and to provide information to help develop a survey of GPs.

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  • Contents

1   Background and Research Objectives

2   Key Findings
2.1   Attitudes Towards Compliance with Government Programs
2.1.1   Implication for the Study
2.2   Compliance Tasks
2.2.1   Common Paperwork and Compliance Tasks
2.2.2   What are the Most Burdensome Tasks?
2.2.3   State or Commonwealth?
2.2.4   Implications for the Study
2.3   Overall Reactions to the GP Compliance Costs Study
2.3.1   Implications for the Study
2.4   Reactions to the Initial Letter to be Sent to GPs
2.4.1   Implications for the Study
2.5   Reactions to the Diary
2.5.1   Implications for the Study
2.6   The Issue of Incentives

3   Conclusions and Recommendations