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General practice compliance costs

Compliance workshop report

This consultancy report was released on 10 February 2003. The report was prepared by Millward Brown Australia, which conducted compliance workshops (focus groups) of GPs in November 2002 to obtain quantitative and qualitative data on the costs that a number of forms impose on GPs.

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  • Contents

Executive Summary

1   Background

2   Research Objectives

3   Research Methodology

4   Insights into the Burden on General Practitioners

5   Centrelink
5.1   Treating Doctor’s Report
5.2   Medical Review - Disability Support Pension
5.3   Medical Certificate
5.4   Carer Payment: Doctor’s Medical Report for a Child – Under 16 years
5.5   Carer Allowance: Treating Doctor’s Report for a Child – Under 16 years
5.6   Carer Payment and/or Carer Allowance: Health Professional

6   Department of Veterans’ Affairs
6.1   Claim for Disability Pension and/or Application for Increase in Disability Pension
6.2   Associated GARP Forms

7  Department of Health & Ageing
7.1   Australian Childhood Immunisation Register - Encounter Form
7.2   Pharmaceuticals Benefits Scheme RPBS Authority Prescription
7.3   Application for a Hearing Services Voucher for Adult Applicants

8   Additional Issues

Appendix A Moderator's Guide