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General practice compliance costs

Compliance workshop report

Released 10 / 02 / 2003

The report was prepared by Millward Brown Australia, which conducted compliance workshops (focus groups) of GPs in November 2002 to obtain quantitative and qualitative data on the costs that a number of forms impose on GPs.

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  • Contents

Executive Summary

1   Background

2   Research Objectives

3   Research Methodology

4   Insights into the Burden on General Practitioners

5   Centrelink
5.1   Treating Doctor’s Report
5.2   Medical Review - Disability Support Pension
5.3   Medical Certificate
5.4   Carer Payment: Doctor’s Medical Report for a Child – Under 16 years
5.5   Carer Allowance: Treating Doctor’s Report for a Child – Under 16 years
5.6   Carer Payment and/or Carer Allowance: Health Professional

6   Department of Veterans’ Affairs
6.1   Claim for Disability Pension and/or Application for Increase in Disability Pension
6.2   Associated GARP Forms

7  Department of Health & Ageing
7.1   Australian Childhood Immunisation Register - Encounter Form
7.2   Pharmaceuticals Benefits Scheme RPBS Authority Prescription
7.3   Application for a Hearing Services Voucher for Adult Applicants

8   Additional Issues

Appendix A Moderator's Guide