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General practice compliance costs

Review of forms report

This consultancy report was released on 10 February 2003. The report was prepared by Deb Doyle, Living Proof — Book Editing, who assessed six Commonwealth Government forms against best practice for production of forms, designed and used for information collection.

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FORM 1   Centrelink: new Disability Support Pension Treatin

FORM 2   Centrelink: new Medical Certificate for Newstart, Youth Allowance and Sickness Allowance

FORM 3   Centrelink: Carer Allowance Treating Doctor’s Report for a child younger than 16

FORM 4   Department of Health and Ageing: Practice Incentives Program and General Practice Immunisation Incentives application form

FORM 5   Department of Veterans’ Affairs: Health Care Plans: A Guide for Local Medical Officers

FORM 6   Department of Veterans’ Affairs: Foot Condition: Medical Impairment Assessment