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Pig and pigmeat industries: Safeguard action against imports (1999)

Inquiry report

Released 25 / 11 / 1999

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  • Contents

Cover, Copyright, Signing Page, Terms of Reference, Table of Contents, Abbreviations, Overview, Findings

1 Introduction
1.1 The Australian pig and pigmeat industries
1.2 Background to this inquiry
1.3 Scope of this inquiry and report structure
1.4 Conduct of the inquiry

2 What is Safeguard Action?
2.1 The World Trade Organization Agreement on Safeguards
2.2 General procedures for safeguard inquiries

3 Participants’ views
3.1 Submissions received
3.2 The industry’s case
3.3 The opposing case
3.4 Other interested parties

4 The effect of imports on the industry
4.1 Goods under reference
4.2 Defining ‘like’ and ‘directly competitive’ products and the ‘domestic industry’
4.3 Import trends
4.4 Evidence of serious injury
4.5 Attributing serious injury to imports
4.6 Have the WTO criteria been met

5 Safeguard measures
5.1 WTO and Australian Government requirements
5.2 Safeguard measures which remedy or prevent serious injury and facilitate adjustment

6 Additional considerations
6.1 Safeguard measures and overall economic performance
6.2 Safeguard measures and internationally competitive industries
6.3 Safeguard measures and industry adjustment
6.4 Effects of safeguard measures on users and consumers
6.5 Safeguard measures and employment
6.6 Safeguard measures and regional development
6.7 Safeguard measures and trade liberalisation by Australia’s trading partners
6.8 Safeguard measures and ecologically sustainable development
6.9 Safeguard measures and Australia’s international obligations and commitments

7 Competitiveness and profitability: Pig farming
7.1 Developments in competitiveness and profitability
7.2 Current cost competitiveness of Australian pig farming
7.3 Profitability
7.4 Factors affecting profitability and competitiveness

8 Competitiveness and profitability: Pigmeat processing
8.1 Abattoirs
8.2 Bacon, ham and smallgoods manufacture
8.3 Supply chain relationships

A List of participants

B General procedures on safeguards

C Goods under reference

D Australian pig and pigmeat industries

E World markets

F Quarantine regulations

G Econometric analysis