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Report on Government Services 2015

Volume C


The Justice volume C includes performance reporting for Police services, Courts and Corrective services.

It also includes a sector overview for Justice. This volume was released on 30 January 2015.

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The sector overview provides an introduction to the Police services (chapter 6), Courts (chapter 7), and Corrective services (chapter 8) chapters of this Report. It provides an overview of the justice sector, presenting both contextual information and high-level performance information.

Sector performance indicator framework

This sector overview is based on a sector performance indicator framework made up of the following elements:

  • Sector objectives — two sector objectives, safe communities and a fair, equitable and accessible system of justice, are based on the key objectives of the justice sector.
  • Sector-wide indicators — three sector-wide indicators relate to the first sector objective and two indicators relate to the second sector objective.
  • Information from the three service-specific performance indicator frameworks in the three justice chapters. Discussed in more detail in chapters 6, 7 and 8, the service-specific frameworks provide comprehensive information on the equity, effectiveness and efficiency of specific government services.

Sector objectives

    • Safe communities
    • A fair, equitable and accessible system of justice

Sector-wide indicators

    • Community perceptions of safety
    • Crime victimisation
    • Re-offending rates — (police and corrections data)
    • Justice staff
    • Higher court defendants resulting in a guilty plea or finding

Service-specific performance indicator frameworks


Police services

The Police services chapter (chapter 6) of the Report on Government Services reports on the operations of the police agencies of each State and Territory government, including the ACT community policing function performed by the Australian Federal Police.


The focus of the Courts chapter (chapter 7) of the Report on Government Services is the court administration functions of Australian and State and Territory courts.

Corrective services

The Corrective services chapter (chapter 8) of the Report on Government Services reports on prison custody and a range of community corrections orders and programs for adult offenders which are delivered separately by the eight States and Territories.

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