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Trade and Assistance Review 1997-98

Annual report series

Trade and Assistance Review 1997-98 was released on 4 November 1998.

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  • Contents
  • Preliminaries
    Cover, Copyright, Contents, Abbreviations
  • Key findings
  • Chapter 1 Introduction
  • Chapter 2 Budgetary assistance
    2.1 Scope of the Commission's estimates
    2.2 Trends in Commonwealth budgetary assistance
    2.3 Recent developments
  • Chapter 3 Assistance to agriculture and manufacturing
    3.1 Measuring assistance
    3.2 Agricultural assistance
    3.3 Manufacturing assistance
  • Chapter 4 Agriculture and manufacturing trade policy issues and developments
    4.1 Anti-dumping and countervailing activity
    4.2 Issues from the WTO Trade Policy Review of Australia
    4.3 WTO negotiations on agriculture
    4.4 APEC sectoral liberalisation
    4.5 Review of 'nuisance' tariffs
  • Chapter 5 International trade in services — policy developments and issues
    5.1 Rapid growth and complex issues
    5.2 Policy developments in international trade in services
    5.3 Emerging issues for international trade in services
  • References

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