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Graduate experiences

Previous Graduates share their stories, program experiences and career journeys.

“It has been interesting to be part of the government policy-making process – specifically getting a first-hand insight into how governments produce and share research to inform policy making.”

Sarah, Research Economist / Public Policy Analyst
2022 Graduate

“The work you receive and the people you work alongside are the best parts of working at the Commission.

Straight out of university, I had the opportunity to work on a homelessness policy in a team of really bright and friendly people.”

Geoffrey, Research Economist / Public Policy Analyst
2022 Graduate

"The highlight of my graduate year was completing the Aged Care Employment project – it was rewarding to see through a project to the finish line.

There are lots of opportunities to engage with stakeholders, and a big focus on writing, which has been a pleasant surprise."

Vivikth, Research Economist / Public Policy Analyst
2022 Graduate

“I’ve worked on a variety of projects since I started as a graduate at the Commission, ranging across topics such as housing assistance, the tax and transfer system, transport regulation and education.

I enjoy that there is always something new to learn, whether that is about a particular sector or an analytical technique.

Since gaining more experience, I’ve also been able to contribute to broader organisational improvements and development opportunities, which have been fulfilling roles.”

Rebecca, Inquiry and Research Manager
2014 Graduate

Graduate Employment Opportunities

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Graduate Coordinators:

Elina Gilbourd
Ph: 02 6240 3247

Jeremy Kamil
Ph: 03 9653 2138

For any questions about our recruitment process, please contact:

Our Recruitment Team