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Provision of Counter Terrorist First Response Services by the Australian Protective Service

Competitive neutrality investigation report

This investigation report was released in February 1999.

On 24 September 1998, the Board of Airlines Representatives of Australia (BARA) wrote to the CCNCO claiming that the APS should not apply competitive neutrality policy to its charges for delivery of CTFR services at airports.

On 28 September 1998, the Airlines Association of Australia (AAA) wrote to the CCNCO making the same claim.

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Cover Page, Copyright, Table of Contents, Abbreviations

Chapter 1   The complaint
1.1   Competitive neutrality
1.2   Nature of the complaintRole of the CCNCO
1.3 Role of the CCNCO

Chapter 2   Issues and Discussion
2.1   Background
2.2   Should CTFR be exposed to competitive neutrality?
2.3   Has competitive neutrality been appropriately applied to CTFR?
2.4   Broader issues relating to the cost base
2.5   Recommendations and findings

A   Complaints letters
B   Consultations


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