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Meteorological Services to Aviation

Competitive neutrality investigation report

This investigation report was released on 20 December 2001.

The report is an investigation into whether the Civil Aviation Safety Authority's (CASA's) administration of aviation regulations confers a regulatory advantage on the Bureau of Meteorology by preventing Metra Information Limited (a subsidiary of the government owned Meteorological Services of New Zealand Limited) competing in the market for meteorological services to the aviation industry.

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Cover, Copyright, Transmittal letter, Competitive neutrality policy, Contents

Chapter 1   The complaint
1.1   Nature of the complaint
1.2   Role of the CCNCO

Chapter 2   Are the Bureau’s aviation services a business activity?

Chapter 3   Should aviation meteorological services be contestable?
3.1   Views of the relevant parties
3.2   What would competition entail?
3.3   Implications for the Bureau’s supply of meteorological services to aviation
3.4   Conclusion and recommendation


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