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NBN Co (2011)

Competitive neutrality investigation report

This investigation report was released on 8 December 2011.

The investigation resulted from three complaints alleging that NBN Co is not complying with competitive neutrality policy and has gained a market advantage due to government ownership. The complainants also claim that policy developments have granted NBN Co commercial advantages.

The AGCNCO finds that NBN Co is in potential ex ante breach of competitive neutrality requirements. The AGCNCO makes recommendations for NBN Co to comply with the Australian Government's competitive neutrality policy. Further details can be found in the report.

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  • Contents

Cover, Letter of tranmittal, Competitive neutrality policy and Contents

Chapter 1 The complaints
1.1 The nature of the complaints
1.2 About NBN Co
1.3 The role of the AGCNCO in investigating complaints

Chapter 2 Background
2.1 Some background on NBN Co
2.2 NBN Co and new developments

Chapter 3 Assessment of issues
3.1 Issues which fall outside competitive neutrality policy
3.2 Issues relevant to competitive neutrality policy
3.3 Summary of findings and recommendations


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