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Evaluation of the agri-food strategy

Bureau of Industry Economics report

Released 06 / 1996

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  • Contents

Cover, Copyright, Foreword, Acknowledgements, Contents, Summary

1   Introduction
1.1   Background
1.2   Objectives of the evaluation
1.3   Conduct of the evaluation
1.4 Outline of report

2   The agri-food industry — structure, performance and prospects
2.1   Definition
2.2   Structure
2.3   Recent performance
2.4   Outlook

3   Description of the Agri-Food Strategy and Agri-Food Council
3.1   What is the Agri-Food Strategy?
3.2   The Agri-Food Council
3.3   Description of strategy programs and initiatives
3.4   Resourcing the strategy

4   Appropriateness of the Agri-Food Strategy
4.1 Rationale for the Agri-Food Strategy programs and initiatives
4.2   Appropriateness of strategy objectives within the context of relevant government policy objectives
4.3   Role of the strategy elements vis-a-vis other government programs
4.4   Rationale for a food industry strategy
4.5   The Burgess principles of program design
4.6   Overall assessment

5   Assessment of the strategy programs and initiatives
5.1   Awareness of strategy programs and initiatives
5.2 Export market development and market access
5.3   Efficiency improvements
5.4   Industry integration
5.5   Innovation
5.6   Overall assessment

6   Effectiveness and efficiency of the overall strategy
6.1 Export performance and outward orientation
6.2   Dealing with impediments to international competitiveness
6.3   Cooperation and coordination within the industry
6.4   Investment by the industry in innovation and R&D
6.5   Efficiency aspects
6.6   Overall assessment

7   Assessment of the Agri-Food Council
7.1   Overview of industry awareness, contact and support
7.2   Performance of the Agri-Food Council against its functions
7.3   Broader performance of the Agri-Food Council
7.4   Overall assessment

8   Conclusions and future options
8.1   Options for the Agri-Food Strategy
8.2   A revitalised Agri-Food Council
8.3   Future of the existing Agri-Food Strategy components


1   Terms of reference

2   Questionnaires
A2.1   Agri-food firms
A2.2   Agri-Food Council members
A2.3   Telephone survey

3   Advisory Committee membership

4   Further assessment of individual strategy components
A4.1   Clean Food Export Program
A4.2   Market access
A4.3   Workplace reform and training
A4.4   Regulatory reform
A4.5   Transport and distribution
A4.6   Packaging
A4.7   Grower-processor linkages
A4.8   Food Quality Program
A4.9   Innovation

5   Submissions received

6   Highly processed and high value-added food and beverages
A6.1   Is there a difference between high value-added and highly processed goods?
A6.2 Classification used in this report
A6.3   Export price deflators

7   Principles for program design
A7.1   Assessment of Agri-Food Strategy programs against the Burgess principles for program design

8   Model of impact of Agri-Food Strategy



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