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Automotive industry (1990)

Inquiry report

This report was signed on 17 December 1990. The report resulted from an Industry Commission public inquiry into the passenger and light commercial vehicle sectors and the component sector, including both original and after market components, of the automotive industry.

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  • Contents

Cover, Copyright, Signing Page, Terms of Reference, Abbreviations, Contents, Overview, Summary of Recommendations

1 The Inquiry
1.1 Background
1.2 The Commission's approach

2 Industry and Market Information
2.1 An international perspective
2.2 Domestic industry and market information

3 Productivity and quality Issues
3.1 Economies of scale and capacity utilisation
3.2 Tooling, product design and technology
3.3 Labour issues
3.4 Management practices
3.5 Quality issues
3.6 Conclusions

4 The impact of economy-wide factors
4.1 Participants' views and experiences
4.2 The significance of economy-wide factors

5 Current assistance arrangements
5.1 Assistance to vehicle production
5.2 Assistance to components
5.3 Export facilitation
5.4 Directive restructuring
5.5 The role of the AIA
5.6 Adjustment assistance for industry employees
5.7 General measures
5.8 Assistance levels for the automotive industry

6 Assistance issues and approaches
6.1 Vehicle tariffs post-1992
6.2 Assistance arrangements for components
6.3 Export facilitation
6.4 Directive restructuring
6.5 Partnerships - the Ford proposal
6.6 Other assistance measures

7 Recommendations
7.1 Post-1992 assistance framework
7.2 The level of assistance to the passenger vehicle industry
7.3 The automatic by-law entitlement
7.4 Export facilitation arrangements
7.5 offsets
7.6 Industry monitoring

8 Effects of implementing the Commission's recommendations
8.1 Projected longer term effects on the economy
8.2 Projected longer term effects on the automotive industry
8.3 Evaluations by participants of the ORANI model projections
8.4 Regional effects
8.5 Adjustment issues

9 Other matters
9.1 Australian design rules
9.2 Taxation matters
9.3 Environmental issues


A Joint ministerial statement

B Information sources

C History of government policy for the automotive industry

D Industry and market statistics

E Competitiveness of the automotive industry

F Effects of assistance reductions for the automotive industry


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