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Cost recovery for managing fisheries

Industry Commission inquiry report

Signed 03 / 01 / 1992

This report contains the findings of the Industry Commission's public inquiry.

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  • Contents

Cover, Copyright, Signing Page, Contents, Abbreviations, Overview, Recommendations, Findings

1 The Nature of Fisheries Management
1.1 The development of fisheries management in Australia
1.2 The scope of fisheries management
1.3 Resource management
1.4 Fishing industry management
1.5 Interrelations between resource management and fishing industry management

2 Principles of Charging for Fisheries Management
2.1 The benefits and costs of fisheries management
2.2 Catergorising public and private goods

3 The Australian Fisheries Framework
3.1 The Australian Fishing Zone
3.2 Current institutional framework
3.3 Regulation of commercial fishing
3.4 Management of recreational fishing
3.5 Assessment of the current institutional framework

4 Current Funding Arrangements
4.1 The costs of Commonwealth fisheries management
4.2 AFS funding
4.3 Assessment of AFS's cost recovery arrangements
4.4 Research funding
4.5 Cost recovery for recreational fishing
4.6 National Fishing Industry Council
4.7 Other funding
4.8 Conclusion

5 A Review of Commonwealth Fisheries Management Activities
5.1 Management in the AFZ
5.2 Research
5.3 Plans of management
5.4 Industry-government co-management
5.5 Marketing
5.6 Concluding remarks

6 Conclusions
6.1 The issues in context
6.2 Who benefits from fisheries management?
6.3 Who should pay for what?
6.4 Charging the commercial fishing industry
6.5 Recreational fishing and other uses
6.6 Streamlining institutions

A Correspondence relating to fisheries legislation

B List of participants and submissions

C Organisations, companies and individuals consulted

D Commonwealth and jointly managed fisheries

E The Australian fishing industry

F Recreational fishing

G Management of individual fisheries
G.1 Northern Prawn Fishery
G.2 South East Trawl Fishery
G.3 Southern Shark Fishery
G.4 Southern Bluefin and East Coast Tuna
G.5 Foreign fishing
G.6 The Torres Strait Protected Zone
G.7 Great Barrier Reef

H Co-Management of fisheries

I A framework for resource sharing

J Fisheries bio-economics and the optimal allocation of resources

K Fishery enhancement

L Views on an AFZ authority


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