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Port Authority services and activities

Industry Commission inquiry report

Released 18 / 02 / 1993

The report contains the findings of the Industry Commission public inquiry, in response to a request from the Commonwealth Government, to examine the institutional, regulatory and other arrangements subject to influence of governments in Australia that lead to inefficient resource use or inhibit the efficiency of port users, and advise on courses of action to reduce or remove such inefficiencies and impediments.

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  • Contents

Cover, Copyright, Signing Page, Contents, Abbreviations, Glossary, Terms of Reference, Overview and Recommendations

1 The inquiry
1.1 Scope of the inquiry
1.2 The Commission’s approach
1.3 Consultations, submissions and hearings
1.4 Structure of the report

2 Australia's Ports and Port Authorities
2.1 Australia’s ports
2.2 Port authorities
2.3 The importance of port authorities
2.4 How Australia’s ports compare
2.5 Summary

3 Public Port Authorities: Their Rationale and Instutional Settings
3.1 The range of port authority services and activities
3.2 Institutional settings
3.3 Summary and conclusions

4 Competition between Australian Ports
4.1 Physical, demographic and market factors
4.2 Existing interport competition
4.3 Institutional and regulatory factors
4.4 Summary and conclusions

5 Efficiency within Ports
5.1 Market structures
5.2 Preventing abuse of market power
5.3 Licensing policies
5.4 Summary and conclusions

6 Pricing
6.1 Existing port charges
6.2 Pricing changes in recent years
6.3 Level of port authority prices
6.4 Structure of port authority prices
6.5 Transparency and terminology
6.6 Summary and conclusions

7 Management and Work Practices
7.1 Background
7.2 Reasons for change
7.3 Continuing developments
7.4 Issues of concern
7.5 International best practice
7.6 Summary and conclusions

8 Future Directions and Priorities
8.1 The role of a port authority
8.2 The landlord role
8.3 Corporatisation
8.4 Moving to the landlord corporatised port authority
8.5 Privatisation
8.6 A national approach

References and bibliography

Appendix A Inquiry procedures

Appendix B Relevant statistics

Appendix C Tasmanian ports case study

Appendix D Case study of the economic performance of the Port of Brisbane Authority

Appendix E Case study of the economic performance of the Port of Melbourne Authority

Appendix F Ports and port authorities in other countries

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