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Product liability

Industry Commission inquiry report

Signed 18 / 07 / 1990

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Cover, Copyright, Signing Page, Terms of Reference, Contents, Abbreviations, Overview

1   The Inquiry
1.1   The Commission's approach

2   The Basis for Product Liabiliy
2.1   Disabilities in Australia

3   The Current Regime and
3.1   Current product liability law
3.2   The ALRC's proposals
3.3   Summary

4   The Magnitude of the Efficiency Effects
4.1   Product-caused injuries in Australia
4.2   Overseas evidence

5   Adjustment Costs

6   Specific Effects of the Proposals
6.1   Effects on product characteristics
6.2   Overall effects on safety
6.3   Effects on international competitiveness

7   Equity Issues

8   Findings


A   Information sources

B   Product liability theory

C   Current laws and the proposals

D   Product liability laws in other countries

E   Measuring some effects of over-compensating consumers

F   Alternative product liability schemes


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