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Pulp and paper: Bleaching and the environment

Industry Commission inquiry report

Released 21 / 05 / 1990

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  • Contents

Cover, Copyright, Signing Page, Terms of Reference, Contents, Abbreviations, Overview and Findings

1 The Inquiry
1.1 Inquiry Procedures
1.2 Summary of participants' views

2 Bleaching Technologies and their Environmental Impacts
2.1 What is chlorine bleaching?
2.2 Bleaching technologies
2.3 Environmental impact of bleaching technologies
2.4 Reducing the environmental impact of bleaching
2.5 Environmental regulation

3 Markets and Prospects for Unbleached and Non-chlorine Bleached Papers
3.1 Domestic markets
3.2 Export markets

4 Non-wood Feedstocks
4.1 Soiurces of non-wood fibre
4.2 Current Australian proposals for non-wood feedstocks
4.3 Environmental impacts
4.4 Prospects for non-wood feedstocks pulp

5 Governments and Pollution Control
5.1 Setting and Implementing Environmental Standards
5.2 Policy Approaches to Environmental Objectives
5.3 Coordination and Predictability of Policy

A Organisations Companies and Individuals Consulted
B Submissions
C Pulping Processes
D Reducing the Environmental Impact of Chlorine Bleaching
E Commonwealth standards



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